Telecoms networking capabilities are essential for businesses.


BT Announce withdrawal of ISDN network services from 2023. And network “switch off” in 2025. We remain more than happy to “switch” your existing services to OutsourceVoice giving you a more local, responsive support service whilst making substantial savings. Don’t delay and leave it too late; we can save you money now!

Hosted / PBX VOIP

Whilst having the identical functionality of a traditional PBX, Hosted Telephone systems avoid the need for customers to make a capital investment in a Telephone system. Instead, the system equipment is owned by the Service Provider (SP) and is located either in the local Telephone Exchange or in an Internet Service Provider’s premises or Datacentre. Customers rent their telephone service (and can also rent the Telephone instrument itself in some cases).

Essentially, there are two types of Hosted Telephone system, traditional CENTREX based systems or Voice over IP (VoIP) Internet based systems.

In a hosted VoIP system, each VoIP extension (known as a VoIP subscriber) has its own virtual line which is delivered via Broadband or another Internet access product. The line possesses a unique telephone number. The switching equipment is located in the ISP’s Datacentre.

Hosted systems are ideal for those customers who want to pay for their services on a ‘’pay as you go’’ basis . The product is very scalable in that the number of subscribers can be readily increased/decreased as the business changes (subject to contractual arrangements.

Data Networking Pricing

Outsourcevoice Hosted VoIP is marketed under our MontpellierNet brand.


In many ways, VoIP PBX is similar to traditional PBX.

The, relatively, large numbers of extensions contend for a smaller number of external lines. However, VoIP systems rely on a Broadband or other Internet access product to connect to the wider network using lines known as IP Trunks.

Extensions can be a mixture of analogue/digital/IP. It is the trunk technology that determines the classification of the call. Calls from an IP extension/IP trunk to any other IP extension/IP trunk (anywhere in the world) do not attract a call charge (free call).

OutsourceVoice is an independent supplier of Telephone systems and is not tied to recommending the specific product(s) of any single supplier/manufacturer. Instead, we will examine your own, unique requirements, and provide a solution based on what is right for your business.

Why not give us a call and let us demonstrate why we should be at your side when you take this important decision for your business.

Data Networking - Software as a Service Hosting by Outsource Voice


MontpellierNet is the brand name for our range of IP based services. Currently, our two main offerings under this brand are Hosted VoIP and Wide Area Wi-Fi with many more products in development. 

This is an exciting, innovative and fast moving area of our business and our commitment to you, our customer, is to ensure that MontpellierNet is relevant, available now and delivers real advantages to your organisation.

Why don’t you give us a call and invite us to explain to you how MontpellierNet can bring competitive advantage (and immediate cost savings)* into your business.

*All calls between MontpellierNet customers are free of charge.

OutsourceVoice Wide area Wi-Fi is marketed under our MontpellierNet brand.

Broadband Services

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of different Broadband products available in the UK, from dozens of Internet Service Providers (ISPs)?

Here at OutsourceVoice, we pride ourselves on our expertise in matching the right product to your requirement.

We do not sell or rent any single ISP’s product. Instead, we will determine what products are available in your Telephone Exchange area and provide the most appropriate solution for your needs.

We can provide a “wires only” solution where you provide and manage your own Router… or, for a small additional monthly charge, we will supply and Manage your Router as part of the service.

Our Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) Broadband is fast becoming very popular with very high speed throughput and increased reliability at realistic prices. We can help improve your internet access.

Data Networking - Cloud Data Hosting by Outsource Voice

We deliver an unparalleled service offering with keen pricing.

Data Networking - Broadband Bonding by Outsource Voice

Telephone Lines / Calls

Many smaller businesses rely solely on one or two analogue lines. This is often sufficient where there is only one or two telephone connections required or when there is no need to transfer calls between telephones.

Larger organisations, invariably, have multiple extension users and a requirement to share a large number of lines. These businesses will usually own or rent a PBX Telephone system

Whatever your requirement, OutsourceVoice will supply and install a range of Telecoms lines from single analogue exchange lines to multiple ISDN30 digital lines. Installation costs and monthly line rentals are very competitively priced compared to the larger, traditional Telecoms suppliers.

Our OFCOM, RID accreditated status gives us direct access to the Openreach Wholesale Line Rental (WLR3) system and gives us the ability to book appointments for new installations and test any lines reported to us as faulty.

Most small businesses are unaware that they have a choice of Network operator for their calls, irrespective of which Telecoms Service Provider (SP) they use for their lines. Similarly, most organisations are unaware of the wide range of different tariffs available, many of which can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Here at OutsourceVoice, we have the expertise to calculate your “calling profile” and match it with the most appropriate tariff available. Our calling plans are very competitively priced compared to the larger, traditional Telecoms suppliers and achieving savings of up to 40% – 50% is not uncommon.

Why not give us a call and let us explore where our expertise and buying power can deliver real cost savings to your business, whilst delivering exceptional customer service. Consultations are without obligation.

Telecoms pricing

Your organisation is unique and the way you use the telephone, the organisations you call, the type and destination of the call are all factors in determining your calling profile.

At OutsourceVoice, we recognise this and offer a wide range of tariffs to suit most businesses. Our standard 12 month tariff (for lines, calls and Broadband) is designed to achieve savings of up to 40% – 50% compared to the larger, traditional telecoms companies. Other rates are available to ensure that the best fit for your calling profile is achieved.

Our rates are always very competitive and further savings can be achieved by committing to  a longer Contracted term.

Data Networking - Software as a Service Hosting by Outsource Voice

Find out about how a relationship with OutsourceVoice ensures that you are getting the best value for your business services